Womens Boat Shoes Are a Great Pair of Shoes to Own

Why do women love boat shoes? The answer is quite simple. For many of the same reasons that men love boat shoes or deck shoes as they are sometimes called. Deck shoes were originally designed as a working shoe or at the most a sports shoe. What this means is that unlike most if not all styles of shoes that are designed for women, the first design goal of deck shoes was to be comfortable enough to do real work in. Most styles of women’s shoes on the other hand are always very impractical and seem to put style over comfort and wearability. Some of the most popular styles of women’s shoes for instance like stilettos are known to be very uncomfortable and force women to walk in a unnatural manner and they are so harmful in fact that many podiatrists and back specialists recommend that women not wear them at all because they do long term damage to the spine

Women’s Boat Shoes on the other hand are designed to be comfortable and stylish at the same time with no compromises for the sake of fashion. Wearability and comfort are paramount. This makes them the one pair of shoes that most women have that are not a pain to put on and get actual work done in or to walk around in. Some may say that most women own sports shoes and sneakers as well but those are different kinds of shoes that are not even really suitable for wearing in semi casual occasions.

Boat shoes or deck shoes on the other hand are absolutely perfect for any number of varied situations from semi casual to business formals and you can carry them off without too much of effort in most situations and wind up looking stylish and not out of place.

What this means for women when they are dressing is that there is one less thing to worry about. They’ve a comfortable pair of shoes that are universally loved and acknowledged as being quite stylish as well. If women are travelling carrying a great pair of women’s boat shoes means that they can carry less pairs of shoes with them and this is always welcome when travelling.

This is why most women whether they are of the fashion victim type that religiously follow trends or the type who just concentrate on owning classy and timeless clothing and accessories will all have at least one pair of boat shoes in their wardrobe.

Womens Golf Shoes

All of the women I know love to go out shopping. The most coveted of all things that they want to shop are the shoes. Women just can not get enough of shoes and the world just has too many shoes to go along with every woman. I have a theory that a woman’s closet has a ratio of thirty pairs of shoes to only a pair of feet. They have all kinds of shoes in their closets and that includes golf shoes as well. Women who love to shop for shoes would also love to shop for golf shoes. For one thing, golf is a perfect sport for women to play. There is no body contact, no sweating, no shouting, and all players wear fancy clothes.

All golfers pass through the dilemma of having to choose the best shoe to play with and that includes women as well. In the past, there used to be few women who play the sport and that is why women wear shoes that designed for men but at a smaller size. But with the increasing number of women who play golf, separation of design from the men had to happen. A distinction was made between the men’s and the women’s golf shoe. Today, companies are not only making golf shoes for men but for women as well. Before a woman would start to shop for shoes, she should be able to know that walking on cleats is not very comfortable that is why comfort should come first before fashion. It is very important for a woman to try as many shoes as she could in order to find the right one. Next, the design of the shoe should be a factor.

There are two available designs of shoes out there. The classical ones, which are still making waves even though they have been around for ages, and the new and hip design which looks like a running shoe. Knowing what women want, they would definitely buy two types of design and decide which ones to wear depending on the outfit they have. Either shoe design will do as long as they are allowed at the golf course. The shoe designs for women have evolved so much that it looks as if all women have gathered from across the globe to design them. The shoe companies are slowly trying to tap the golf shoe business because they feel that the women of this sport is undeserved with the shoe and apparel that they need.

Women might not care about the aerodynamics of the shoe or what type of synthetic material are the cleats made of, or how much weight does the shoe have. As long as women can play the game and look good with their shoes at the same time, then they will be contented and secure about it. So the next time you go on golfing with your wife and she is feeling confident and secure, you better not put your guard down and take it easy on her because she will definitely beat you.

Where to Shop For Womens Large Shoes

Enter into just about any shoe store in any town and go look at the womens shoes department. Should you happen to be a lady who fits a “normal” sized shoe, then this visit to your local shoe store is not a big deal. You do not need to give much consideration to getting a pair of shoes in your size. Your greatest difficulty is likely to be getting the shoe you need in the color you seek. And, most of the time, you will be successful in acquiring your preferred color just about every time.

However, what about the remaining women who do not fit into the mold of a “normal” shoe size? Those who need womens large shoes? For these women, there is almost no reason at all to go to their local shoe stores. The reason why? Unfortunately, virtually no physical retail shoe stores have the bigger sizes they require.

“Normal” sized shoes, as decided by the shoe industry, run from size 5-1/2 (sometimes size 5) to size 10. Large sized shoes, those that do not qualify as “normal”, are any sized shoes larger than a ladies size 10. It is very problematic for women who wear big shoe sizes to find them in local shoe stores.

Luckily, the Internet is offering these women with a simple way to shop for bigger womens shoe sizes. There are assorted web sites that cater specifically to womens large shoes. In fact, there are several familiar, brand-name shoes that make larger ladies shoe sizes under the brand name of Barefoot Tess as an exclusive line to them.

A few years back, the options for larger sized shoes was uninspiring. The shoe fashions were boring, mostly in black, brown, or beige colors. Women were baffled that shoe manufacturers thought these ladies wanted to wear dated shoes. Ladies needing these large sizes were virtually mortified to wear the couple of shoes they were able to acquire.

Nowadays, though, there are a lot of selections, both in style and color. Womens large shoes are now snazzy and, gasp!, cute. It is very good to know that shoe makers at last realize that irresistible shoes can be made in bigger sizes, as well as smaller sizes.

Women wearing larger sizes nowadays have the chance to shop for large sized ladies boots, sandals in larger sizes, large sized womens mule pumps, large womens high heels, large womens casual shoes, and even wedding shoes in bigger sizes. These shoes can be purchased in sizes 11, sizes 12, sizes 13, sizes 14, sizes 15, and even sizes 16.

True, the larger the shoe size, the less picks there tend to be. Shoes sized 16 for ladies usually do not have a comparable large options seen in size 12 shoes. However, for ladies taking size 16, having any choice at all is something they did not actually have even a decade or so ago.

It is encouraging for ladies who wear large shoes, such as womens shoe size 12 or shoe size 15, to have the option to shop on the Internet. The World Wide Web has opened up great new styles and possibilities to these ladies.